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Follow along as we build out the play zone!

Rainforest Mural

What good would a name like Rainforest Play Zone be for a place with no rainforest? We had so much fun painting this mural!


Welcome desk and seating area counter

Framing for the seating area counter and welcome desk has begun!

Welcome desk and counter

Our welcome desk now has lots of storage for yummy snacks, spare socks and some RPZ merch!


Crawler Corner

This wall separates the crawler corner from a bench and shoe storage cubbies that will be built by the welcome desk.

Creative Space

This enormous white board will be trimmed out to create lots of individual spaces for little artists to create. We can't wait to see what they come up with!


Live Edge Counters

Last year we took down some huge spruce trees in our yard. We milled the logs into lumber, let it dry, planed and cut it to fit! These live edge counters are already so pretty! Once they're finished, they'll be perfect for setting your coffee on while watching the kiddos play.

Giant Whiteboard

This giant white board is now framed out with such bright and cheerful colors. We can't wait to see it come alive with the children's artwork!

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