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Summer STEM and Play Camps 

We are excited to offer drop-off Summer STEM and Play Camps at RPZ this year! We have so much fun planned for your elementary aged campers each week. 

Campers will spend the week:

-Playing with friends

-Exploring the activities and equipment available for free play

-Participating in cooperative activities and organized games, including NERF!

-Working on STEM kit projects that they will be able to take home with them

-Creating at Bloom Children's Art Studio

Each week-long camp is 5 afternoon sessions, Monday-Friday, 12-4pm. Campers will need to bring their own snacks and drinks. This is a drop-off camp; RPZ will be closed to the public during camp sessions. One day per week, campers will spend time next door creating art at Bloom Children's Art Studio. The last two sessions (in August) will not include time at Bloom. Sessions are named based on the STEM kit projects that will be completed, and each week will have different kits, allowing for campers to attend multiple sessions without repeating projects. Stem concepts explored will include simple machines such as gears and levers, small electric motors, radio waves and RC vehicles, hydraulics, Newtons laws of conservation of momentum and energy and robotics, and more! Annual members can take advantage of 20% off the cost of their summer camp sessions. See below for available Book your summer camps now! 

*We've added an additional option of attending a day camp if you're not able to attend the full week! If you would like your child to participate in the STEM project build for that day of camp, you'll need to purchase the kit separately.  Contact the RPZ staff to sign up for your desired date of day camp. 


*Campers will need to have a signed waiver for both Bloom and RPZ.

*Maximum number of campers per session is 15 elementary aged children. (must have completed Kindergarten)

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